• Short, medium and long term planning.
  • Execution timeline.
  • Performance analysis of past strategies and auditing of marketing initiatives.
  • Identify new markets and more effective ways of selling into existing markets.
  • Customer acquisition channels analysis.
  • Business plan writing based on over 50 successful industry templates.
  • Opportunity cost analysis.
  • Action planning and sales strategy.
  • Pricing and positioning.
  • Strategic alliances.
  • Demonstrate how to make closing easier by teaching not only how to close but when to close.
  • B2C sales strategy.
  • B2B sales strategy and negotiation.
  • Unique Selling Point identification and building.
  • Public speaking and pitch training for competitions: shaping your message and persuasiveness.
  • SEO strategy and implementation.
  • Re-branding and content migration without losing the organic exposure.
  • Link structure and analysis.
  • On-page content optimisation.
  • Pictures optimisation for indexing.
  • Paid campaigns on Google AdWords.
  • Campaign analysis and ROI.
  • Database creation and management.
  • Website lead capture and implementation.
  • Email automation.
  • Creation of sales funnels.
  • Web analytics implementation and setup.
  • Business performance analysis and recommendations.
  • Organic search performance analysis.
  • Web visitors acquisition channels.
  • Online marketing channels and cross platform campaigns.
  • Targeting and impact measurement.
  • Channels management and scheduling.
  • Organic and paid campaigns.
  • What is brand awareness and how to build momentum.
  • Online and Offline branding.
  • Branding elements and consistency.
  • Materials design and supplier recommendations.
  • Industry events identification and recommendations.
  • Operations management.
  • Materials procurement.
  • Strategy and action planning.
  • Leads capture and conversion.
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